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Sinclair Product Selection Chart

Substrate Product Shade Wft.Reqd in Mils Roller Spray Airless Spin Coating Drying
Al. Window SINCLAIR 732 White 10 - 12 Y Y Y N 1 -2 Hour
Glass SINCLAIR 727 T .Yellow 10-12 Y Y Y N 1 Hour
Kitchen Top SINCLAIR 736 O. Blue 8 - 10 Y N 1 Hour
Vitrified Tiles SINCLAIR 741 O. Green 8 - 10 Y Y N 1 Hour
Kitchen Sink SINCLAIR 702 T. Pink 10 - 12 N Y Y N 1-2 Hour
Sanitary Top/Shower Panels SINCLAIR 727 T. Yellow 8 - 10 N Y N N 1 Hour
Bath Tub – Acrylic SINCLAIR 735 O. Yellow 14-16 Y Y Y N 1-2 Hour
Washing Machine/Cupboard SINCLAIR White 10- 12 Y Y Y N 1-2 Hour
Wooden Laminates SINCLAIR 732 White 10 - 12 Y Y Y N 1-2 Hour
Industrial Flooring SINCLAIR 714 Blue 14-16 Y N Y N 14-16
Spray Booth SINCLAIR 729 White 10- 12 N Y Y N 1-2 Hour
Machine Labels SINCLAIR 727/732/735 Green 08- 10 N Y N N 1Hour
Sign Board SINCLAIR 754 Clear 12- 14 Y Y Y N 1 Hour
Optical Disc SINCLAIR 744 Clear 10-12 N Y N Y 1 Hour
Studio Flooring SINCLAIR 780 W/Y/R/B/G 10 -12 Y Y Y N 1 Hour
Studio Glass SINCLAIR 702 TR. SHADE 10- 12 N Y Y N 1 Hour
BOAT SINCLAIR 753 GREY 14-16 N Y N Y 1-2 Hour
SHIP SINCLAIR 768 CLEAR 14-16 N Y Y N 1 Hour

Sinclair Application Instruction

Sinclair FAQ

SINCLAIR COATING is water and latex based polymer with proprietary materials added for temporary protection, on variety of non porous substrates,

SINCLAIR COATING is peelable Liquid polymer, on drying forms plastic like a film, which do not adhere on the substrate and works as a masking against dirt, dust, cement mortar and other natural non avoidable aspects

Sinclair is designed for every possible substrate, pl. go thru Sansui paints website or contact our sales team, Use the product recommended for, for any unidentified substrate, contact to Technical team of Sansui paints. It is advisable to take a Patch Test. Before application.

Sinclair is one of a kind, a first to produce crystal clear Transparent Temporary protective coating, which does not obstructs natural light but makes a room pleasant , and colorful which you required

Sinclair Products is Available in varieties of Attractive Shades? And Sinclair Grades are differentiated with different shades. to Give A Decorative and Transparent Plastic Look.

  • SINCLAIR 711 is a Clear to Translucent White.
  • SINCLAIR 727 is an F.YELLOW
  • SINCLAIR 732 is a WHITE
  • SINCLAIR 736 is a BLUE
  • SINCLAIR 741 is a GREEN
  • SINCLAIR 753 is an L.Yellow
  • SINCLAIR 768 is a Turquoise Blue.

Customized Shades is Possible – in Quantities over 2000 liters.

We highly recommend you prepare the surface as you would for any type of coating. Clean, dry, oil and dust free. Wash thoroughly to remove any waxes, mold release or blush. Allow it to dry and clean. Principally This coating is not suitable for any Porous Substrates

  • Ensure that the edges of the coating is little thick then rest of the film, which helps in easy and smooth peeling.
  • Edges should be kept sharp, which gives grip to peel the dried Sinclair Film, - WE strongly recommend that before you apply the coating, first apply painter’s tape on edges , giving the boundary line of application, followed by application, Painter tape may be removed once it is applied, Even if it is kept it will not obstruct Peelability after six months.

Suggest a Binks Pressure Pot with a large orifice tip (#68, gel coat tip). You should be able to get 15mil coating on a horizontal surface and 10mil on a vertical. Please see application notes, use conventional HVLP Gun , IT is advisable to apply with a Airless or Air assisted spray gun, in order to have a single coat and thicker film,


use a thick nap cloth roller. Again, use plenty of material on the roller and use short strokes with light pressure. Do not try to make it go too far in one stroke; you should be able to get about the thickness of 4-5 mils covers per coat. 2- 3 coats covers will approximately equal the desired thickness of 10-15 mils. Rolling will produce a "stippling" effect. For a smoother finish, tip off very lightly with a brush after rolling,

Spray, roll, or brush it on. The Key to SINCLAIR COATING is to build it up to a 10-15 mil minimum final application thickness regardless of how it is applied. However thickness of the coating varies with substrate, and time of protection require, Besides Film thickness, for ease in Peelability,

NO - do not use off the shelf general decorating rollers OR sponge rollers, these may not apply the product at the correct consistency.

This is very important and common question, Theoretical Coverage always very with practical, Use of Equipment, Applicator, Surrounding Atmosphere, varies with the coverage, but for a sack of your knowledge, 1 Liter covers roughly 45 square feet at a final application thickness of 10-12 mils, achieved in multiple coats.

It is general belief of an Individual to add water in a coating: Pl. DO NOT add water ". On addition of Water, you are diluting the effective ingredients, which lower the film formation. This Coating must have film thickness over 10mils,

SINCLAIR COATING air dries to the touch in about 1 hour. This varies with temperature and humidity. If outdoors, try not to apply in the late afternoon, especially in the spring when there is the chance of high humidity. Once it is dry to the touch it may be over coated.

Temperature range for application is 500 F to 1000 F, however be aware that at the lower temperatures it will take longer to dry and at the higher temperature it will dry quicker. We highly recommend that the temperature of the product and the substrate be over 600 F. Just because the atmospheric temperature is 600 F does not mean the surface and material temperature is 600 F

Drying time can be improved by hot air circulation,

Yes, you can spray it. Preferred method is roller, which helps control necessary film thickness to facilitate its removal. Spray method can cause feather edges and the peelable coating film becomes difficult to remove. Keep the edges of the coating thicker; In order to ease in removal, first apply a masking tape, before application, and remove before it dries.

Yes-if needed. Temporary protection of the inside face of glass is typically not required in residential construction. High rise construction projects typically use on the inside face to protect against damage from other trades. Before applying Sinclair, carefully examine the fixture for any pre-existing damage. If damaged, contact the builder or owner before proceeding with installation of the coating,

NO, Sinclair Coating is not suitable for any porous substrate; however it can be applied on Wooden Laminates. You may need to go to 50 mils for maximum effectiveness,

Sinclair coating has excellent water resistant, it will not dissolve its film under rain, however if water penetrates into the film, coating may turned to milky which on drying retain its original color, in order to prevent this, we suggest that the edges of the coating, be covered with painters tap 1.5’, which will not allow water to enter into the film.

Coating is stable at atmospheric temperature up to 500 c, and at times it resist higher temperature, . However at time of peel off, coating needs to cool with water to bring down to room temperature of 25- 30o c.

Not all the Products are stable in acidic condition, Under Laboratory Stage we found that it is stable under acidic atmosphere; however insist for specific grades of the coating which are available on tailor made basis on volumetric requirements.

No – these products are designed such that it has excellent sag resistance even if it is coated up to 18 -20 mils dft. It won’t sag. If applied by trained professional applicator.

Ideally Sinclair Coating Give Protection Over 1 Year, for Interior ,Polished Products Like Glass, Marble, Stainless Steel Sinks, etc., However Those Exposed to Sun Light or Outside Atmospheric Temperature, Give Protection over 3 Months, Again Higher Film Thickness will give longer Protection. And Better Peelability.

Peeling is very simple; following ways to remove the coating: Simple peel from one corner – entire membrane will be peeled off easily, Hold the Membrane from One End, (Remove Painter’s Tape) it will automatically Peeled off Easily. If Outside Temperature is above 25-300 c Just Cool the substrates with Water, Membrane turns Little Milky, and then Peeled Off. Use of Water Jet Spray (One which is used in Auto Garage to wash the car, Membrane Will Come out Very Easily)

If Coating is applied with recommended Film Thickness: It will Come Out easily, else it will be difficult to remove as thinner coating tends to Adhere (Stick) to the substrate. But even in that case Don’t Get Panic,

  • Just Wet the coating with water, allow membrane to absorb water, it will turn to milky in 15- 30 Minutes, then Peel From One End, It will Come Out Easily
  • Recommended removal temperature is between 100 c to300 c, outside this temperature. It is recommended to use water to cool down. Then peeled smoothly
  • High pressure water jet sprayer will remove difficult sections of film.


  • Removal: Ensure vehicle/motorcycle has cooled down.
  • Apply water to the entire Sinclair membrane.
  • Start Peeling at one corner and carefully peel off.
  • Use additional water to aid release.
  • Ethylated Spirits will also assist in removing difficult area which was painted too thin.

**(Information above contained to help the customer to know the product application correctly and which clear all possible doubts , it is offered in good faith but it is not warranted. Any specific questions or any non recommended substrates, take a Patch Test, Before Use, Company Does not take responsibility of non recommended articles and request customer to take a small patch test before they use in large or valuable articles.)


  • DO NOT Dilute the Product, Apply at package consistency. If necessary, thin sparingly with distilled water.
  • Do not Use tap water for dilution.
  • DO NOT Apply over an unspecified object, Take a Patch Test before applying the product prior to thoroughly testing.
  • DO NOT APPLY Product on Porous Substrate
  • Do Not Apply Coating too thin. It will be difficult to remove. Minimum Dry Film thickness required is 4 mils. Wet film Thickness from 8- 10 Mils. Ensure the edges of the coating are higher than the rest of film.
  • Do Not Apply Coating when it may be exposed to rain, moisture or freezing condition.
  • Don’t Apply Coating or Remove Coating over Hot Surface, Cool the Surface with Water and then Apply / or Remove.
  • Do Not Apply Product over Small or Delicate Articles.
  • Film is resistant to water however one must ensure to prevent penetration of the water into the film (this happens usually in monsoon season), in order to do so, Edges of the film must be covered with Painters Tap 1.5’.
  • Immediately Wash out rollers and all other equipments with clean water after use.
  • Any unused volume of product left in the roller tray may be returned to the storage drum providing it has not begun to set.
  • Has a shelf life in excess of 12 months when unopened and keep the container closed when not in use.