Ermine Wood Coating

Wood is one of the world's most important natural resources. Forests are renewable, fortunately. With proper arrangement and efficient utilization, the wood industry has a continuous source of supply. Wood Coatings lend the finishing touches to a wide variety of products manufactured from wood.
These coatings enhance the appearance and provide protection for home and office furniture, kitchen and bath cabinetry, wood flooring, wood window and doors and many other factory-finished building products. At Sansui Paints, we enhance the natural beauty of wood even as we sheath it with classy, protective polish.
Sansui offers Ermine Wood Coating which enhances aesthetic appeal and provides surface protection that improves the durability of your furniture. Ermine Wood Coating caters to the specific needs of a range of wood products, keeping in mind the varied susceptibilities of wood.


A Water based coating that affords minimum grain rising to your wood. It is new generation coating with LOW VOC, keeping in mind of low emission, the one pack for easy sand ability with fast drying abilities. We offer two different qualities in water based, the difference between both is the difference of resistance on the surface, one is with a lower resistance (slightly bettere than NC Lacquer and another one based on Acrylic system which is highly scratch and chemical resistance) the benefit of using a water based system is firstly it does not produces strong fumes like a solvent based system so in case there is an on-site work and people have to spray right at the very place.

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One-Minute Series:

As the name suggests, this series offers incredible drying speeds, with a one pack, and alternatively two pack water based polyurethane solution. It facilitates easy use, through its good, non clogging sand ability. The One Minute Series is ideal for harsh conditions, and offers excellent resistance against UV emissions, humidity and generally wet ambient conditions.

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Ermine PU is an easy to use solution, which offers exceptional resistance to chemicals and the harshness of cold temperatures. Ermine PU is a trouble-free coat, that sand without clogging sandpaper and boasts of superior drying- with touch dry capability of less than 10 minutes, and a recoat ability of 3 hours. The two-pack fast drying non yellowing PU Coating, offers your wood a high gloss, clear, metallic finish.

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