Calista Plastic Coating

Plastics find extensive application in a plethora of products that range from electronics, consumer products, sports equipment, toys and other technical apparatus’. Aware of the damage that plastics are subject to, Sansui’s protective coats will not only improve on the aesthetics, but also enhance the durability of your product.

Introducing Liquid Coating With High Gloss with extra ordinary protective values and applied over vide range of plastics like Abs / Polystyrene / Acrylic and Non-Conductive segments.

High performance Conductive Coatings for Tv Cabinets

As plastic enclosures offer no protection from electromagnetic or radio frequency interference, the inner surfaces of the enclosure are often coated with conductive coatings for Tv Cabinets, . Pigmented with highly conductive fillers the coatings offer effective Electro Magnetic shielding over a broad frequency range.
Conductive coatings for EMI Shielding are available in , Acrylic,
Acrylic conductive coatings are widely used on electronic enclosures, satellite dishes and board level applications. Easy to apply they bond well to many surfaces. Acrylics are an easy to use solvent based system and do not require heat cure. They also do not contain xylene or toluene. Having strong adhesion to acrylic, ABS, polycarbonate and other injection molded plastics, the coatings provide a smooth, long lasting and abrasion resistant conductive coating. Acrylic coatings are commonly used on electronic enclosures, medical equipment, drones and communication devices.
Wide Range of Plastic is used for various household equipments to Children Toy as well as Different Automotive Parts , right from Bumpers, Dash Board, Wheel Cap etc. etc.,

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It offers a variety of options for coats in the PVC Substrate segment: Transparent, Metallic, Opaque, and Pearlescent. Calista Action finds its specific utility in protection for toys and gift articles.

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A Water based Coating: Transparent, Metallic, Opaque, and Pearlescent. Calista Aqua is recommended for use in automotive electrical fittings, wheel caps, gift articles and toys, among others.

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This is a polyurethane solution that forms a base coat for automotive plastics. This coat offers four varieties in terms of shades: Transparent, Metallic, Opaque, and Pearlescent.

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